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Iced Coffee for Hot Days

Iced Coffee for Hot Days

By S. Lewis

 Iced coffee


With the temperatures rising, now is the time for iced coffee.  A simple iced coffee is pretty easy to make.  Brew coffee, cool, pour over ice and enjoy.  Of course it can be much more than that as well.  One of the first things is: “What is iced coffee?”


Iced coffee in its most basic definition is exactly that; coffee with ice in it.  If you take a coffee and put ice in it then you technically have iced coffee.  However, iced coffee is different than cold brew coffee.   Cold brew coffee is coffee that has been steeped at room temperature or below, in water for at least 12 hours.   Many people find cold brew coffee less bitter and acidic than hot brewed coffee. 

 So it’s a hot day and you’re craving an iced coffee.  You brew your coffee, pour it over ice and enjoy.  Right?   Well yes, but there are some things to keep in mind.  Your coffee will be diluted by the melting ice, so you’ll want to brew your coffee a little stronger than your usual taste to account for the extra water that the melted ice will add.  Also, you will probably want to add your milk or cream and sugar to the hot coffee before pouring over ice.  Sure the pictures of the milk pouring into a glass of iced coffee looks cool, but you are likely to get a more consistent and thorough mix when the coffee is hot and the sugar has a chance to dissolve.


I know a lot of you have the Keurig® brewer.  You can use any of your regular coffees and brew directly over ice to make an iced coffee.  Simply put the ice in a safe mug (no glass or ceramic) and make a 4 or 6 ounce cup rather than 8 or 10 ounce.  Again you may want to make it hot and add sugar, milk or cream, then pour over ice but it really is that simple.  Try a flavoured coffee for a treat or a decaf to wind down in the evening.


So with the hot weather, cool down with your favourite beverage – coffee!  Your iced coffee awaits, and you can always get your favourite brew from Personal Service Coffee in one of our locations or order online.  Happy cool caffeinating.

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