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Folgers Black Silk Dark Roast Filter Packs (40 Packets)

  • 1.4oz  per packet
  • 40 Packets per case
  • Folgers® Filter Packs deliver ultimate convenience with our proprietary all-in-one coffee filter system.
  • The simplicity of a Filter Pack with the consistent taste and quality of Folgers®.
  • Folgers® Filter Pack means no measuring, quick brew set-up, easy disposal with less mess, and no waste regardless of who is in charge of brewing your office coffee!
  • Our resealable pouches provide easy storage and helps maintain freshness.
  • No messy post-brew disposal and no separate filters to manage.
  • Resealable pouches maintain freshness. Recommended for use with round filter baskets.
  • Dark roast, full-bodied coffee with a bold, yet smooth finish.
  • Made from Pure 100% Coffee. Caffeinated Ground Coffee
  • Mill Flaking: Folgers® Flaked Coffee delivers consistently great flavour in every cup by utilizing our mill flaking technology. This process creates a larger surface area on each flake for hot water to easily extract all the great Folgers® flavour. It yields the same amount of coffee in every pot, by using fewer grounds per brew, and saves money by using less coffee than non-flaked varieties. Consider cost per cup vs. cost per pound for true cost savings!
  • Flavourful Coffee: Since we first started sourcing and roasting our very own coffee beans, Folgers® has built a reputation of quality and trust.
  • Green Sourcing: We source our coffee beans from the world's premier coffee-producing regions. Our employees in source countries deal directly with the coffee farmers. 
    Box of 42 Packets