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Prospect Himalayan Spring Tea Clearance

Oolong. Some claim the name is derived from the tea’s origins in the Wuyi Mountains. Still, others maintain that a man named Wu Liang discovered the tea leaves. Mellow oolong is too laid back a brew to stew about all that. Say it with me… oooooolong. Don’t you feel more relaxed already?  Like a good rosé, oolong is treasured for its versatility. Slightly fermented, its smooth flavour pairs well with just about any food. But please do not confuse versatile with bland. Oolong quietly charms with character and nuance. Grown high in the rarefied Himalayan mountain air, these leaves brew into an amber nirvana. Prospect Tea Co. adds luscious peach to this delicate tea for a lightly flowery, clean flavour with a hint of natural sweetness.


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