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Teavers Lemongrass Tea Sticks

Lemongrass Tea Stick has a fresh, lemony aroma, with a citrus flavour. Very popular in South East Asia to uplift the mood. Non exposed & airtight, Teavers Sticks remain surprisingly fresh, hygienic, virtually dust-free & room for the tea to expand in hot water.  

Great Choice: Lemongrass Tea has been a great folk remedy. It is reputed to promote calm sleep, relieve pain, and boost immunity.


Strength & Origin:  2 out of 4. India, North-Eastern Darjeeling & Himalayan Areas.


How It Works: T-Stick into hot boiled water. Stir optimally for great infusion around 2 mins.  Remove the T-Stick. Turn upside down so no drips. Sweeten as preferred. Sweeten as preferred. Enjoy your tea!

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