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The Weekend Barista Bundle (Father's Day 2020 Special)

The Weekend Barista Bundle is for the coffee enthusiast Dads who don't mind spending a little extra time to produce the perfect cup. Less is more to the Weekend Barista, so if your Dad is someone who values quality over quantity, and is willing to dedicate the time to produce the perfect brew, this is the bundle for him!

The Weekend Barista Bundle features the most iconic and beloved coffee system for enthusiasts: The French Press. This style of brewer will reward those willing to dedicate the time and patience required to perfect it with THE highest quality cup of coffee you can brew at home.

To get you started these bundles also come with a 16oz/454g bag of Starbucks Whole Beans and a 12oz ceramic Personal Service Coffee mug.

NotePlease contact us when ordering if you would like a specify which Starbucks Whole Beans you would prefer. If not specified we will default to medium and dark blends pending availability.

You can select one of two types of French press for this bundle: